Let’s talk protein bars.
I’m always one for food first, but sometimes you’re really in a pinch. Or in my case, pregnancy nausea has gotten the best of you, and you need a good source of protein.
I love these bars, but definitely beware as they have 18 grams of fiber (ouch!), and are still a processed food. At about 180 calories per bar, they’re a great afternoon snack when you’re really craving a brownie or Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks.
When it comes to bars, limit them to just a few times per week, always opting for real food first if available. Always look for a bar with fewer grams of carbohydrates than protein. For example if a bar has 25 grams of sugar (even if each little gram is from “natural” sources) and 5 grams of protein, look elsewhere.

 I’ve been working on a recipe for these some type of bars, but they have not turned out perfect, yet. You will be the first to know, Zoi Health enthusiasts, as soon as I work out the perfect recipe. 

Tracey Hull, Zoi Health Coach, RDN